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Dana 1 year ago
my pinky is bigger than that peanut
Big Dong 69 1 year ago
That dude needs to shave his lower back!
Lol 1 year ago
She’ll be used to limp dicks with a face like that.
1 year ago
how old is she?
Anon 1 year ago
That guy has a huge dick!
Sizzel 1 year ago
Fuck you man if you dont like her size dont watch stupid fuck. dont listen that guy Jack ass
Idgaf 1 year ago
the guy: ten ways to grow a bigger dick
Lmao999555 1 year ago
She really should just stop talking. Her "dirty talk" isn't good at all
1 year ago
Anonymoose 1 year ago
Bro those girls are under ¹⁸-